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Report on CEEDVA Meeting in Prague - 2001

CEEDVA Meeting in Prague
Annual Report 2001

       0. Introduction
       # several contacts by letters, e-mail, tax, phone or direct persona! meeting have stressed out that the East European Countries (EEC) have similar problems regarding the status of dermatology:
  • reduced level of investments in buildings and laboratory equipment
  • lacks of correlation between theoretic knowledge and practice methods of diagnose
  • particular epidemiology of dermato-venereologic disease (ex. STD, AIDS)
  • best speciaiists exode in western countries
  • difficulties in promoting western health and health-insurance laws
       # western dermatologists don't understand well the transition processes from a centralized health system to the flexible present one based on national health insurance and private practice and eastern dermatologists experience hard times in adapting to the new system
       # a common platform for discussions, changing information and sharing experience will be of great benefit for EEC dermatologists in order to attend the western standard
       # a CEEDVA reunite a prominent group of EEC with the aim of promoting continuing medical education. CEEDVA utility is recognized by ali EEC members participating in public seances (Warsaw, Plovdiv. Nice, Amsterdam, Munich)
       # for better co-operation CEEDVA activates under EADV umbrella

       I. Problems related to EADV
  1. Steering Committee
    # there is great dissipation of forces due to personal initiatives of national leaders
    # a Steering Committee designation is most welcome for stabilization. EADV is invited to delegate three members for smoothening relations and promoting initiatives
    # all CEDVA members are invited to first discuss with he Steering Committee
  2. Congress in Prague
    # problems encountered until present
      - lack of communication
      - vague / no response to initiatives regarding low taxes for EEC participants
      - scientific program sustained without EEC effective participation
    # proposals
      - providing assistance for National Therapy Guidelines creation
      - young dermatologists accommodation for low-budget
      - scholarships for residents and young specialists not only for participation to the Congress but also for extended training
  3. Future common activities
    # promoting regional leaders participation at National Meetings and Svmposia
    # EADV spring Meeting to be heid in CEE countries
       II. Problems related to CEEDVA
  1. CEEDVA by-laws
    # CEEDVA juridical / legal registration is on-going
    # CEEDVA is directed by the Board of Presidents (all national Presidents included)
    # the CEEDVA current activities are managed by the Board officers (President, Vice-President and Secretary General)
    # no fees are collected from CEEDVA members, all CEEDVA activities are locally sponsored
    # CEEDVA members are encouraged to bring new colleagues for adherence
  2. CEEDVA Bulletin
    # demonstrated the unity and strength of CEEDVA
    # constitutes an important stimulant, mainly for young dermatologists. Case reports and clinical presentations can be encouraged
  3. CEEDVA web-site
    # is financed by a non-pharmaceutical company
    # is designed as an aggressive method of interaction
    # will became full-effective in March 2002

  4.        Prof. Dr. Dan Forsea - President
           Dr. Anna Gorkiewicz-Petkov - Vice-President
           Dr. George-Sorin Tiplica - Secretary General