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Report on CEEDVA Meeting 2002



       Dear colleagues,
       Since our last General Meeting in Munich - October 2001 - a febrile and intense activity has been developed. Several meetings were organized in order to improve the support for CEEOVA members. As in the previous years, EADV played a crucial role. EADV preoccupation and good intention materialize with the creation of the Eastern European Task Force (EETF). We have to appreciate the big support offered by Prof. Jana Hercogova, Chair of the EETF and also President of this Congress.

1.     In January 2002 a meeting in Prague was organized with all Presidents of National Societies from the Central and Eastern Europe. 11 countries were represented. Important measures were adopted for the EADV Congress in Prague, including:
  1. EADV Congress registration fee of 20 Euro/person for Eastern countries;
  2. free accommodation for 100 persons from Eastern countries;
  3. organization of Satellite Symposia for the Eastern countries;
  4. EADV spring symposia to be organized in Budapest, Hungary.

2.     In May 2002 a CEEDVA meeting was organized in Plovdiv. Only representatives from 5 countries were present The discussions were informal. A brief report regarding the unrolling activities was presented to the participants.

       CEEDVA activities are strong related with the EADV. Some voices asked the dissolving of this Association and its absorption into EADV. This event will surely happen but CEEDVA exercises an attenuating effect on the discrepancies still existing between West and East countries. CEEDVA created a partner for a correct and pertinent dialogue with EADV. The Eastern country problems are better understood and tile help generously offered by the western countries can be efficiently monitored and directed to the real problems. As there are no By laws of CEEDVA, one of the principal point of our mandate was to elaborate a statute for this association. It was realized and it can be voted on the CEEDVA site www.ceedva.ro.

       This EADV Meeting in Prague consists an important signal for West, showing that many dermatologists from East are embracing the EADV ideas and concept. It constitutes also a signal for the East proving that our countries can reach the same statute as their western colleagues. Many of the young dermatologists which had benefit from EADV scholarship programs are now full members of EADV and promote EADV actions in their countries, showing that they were a "good investment". As the EADV developed sponsorship and scholarship programs for the CEEDVA countries there were requests from other countries to become CEEDVA members. In this direction the CEEDVA board issued invitations for all Central and East European countries. For the improving of all CEEDVA actions a good communication must be established. A database containing information (addresses, e-mail, fax numbers) is still needed. In this direction please contact the CEEDVA web-site: www.ceedva.ro

       The CEEDVA Bulletin edited by our active colleague, Prof. Nikolai Tsankov, succeeded to demonstrate that interesting dermatological cases exists also in Eastern Europe countries and that dermatologists act and think in the same way. EADV appreciate the efforts made by the editors and offered to be more receptive to papers send to the EADV Journal from the Eastern Europe countries.

       Having a brief flashback in our memory, the changes occurred since the first CEEDVA meeting organized in Warsaw by Prof. W. Glinsky and Dr. Anna Gorkiewicz-Petkov are obvious. East European countries are now viewed as equal partners and they are represented in the EADV Board. The formation of the Board of Presidents as indicated in the proposed By taws or a designated Eastern Europe Committee for EADV will upraise the efficiency of our plans and will help the joining of CEEDVA to EADV.

          Prof. Dr. Dan Forsea
          CEEDVA President

          Dr. Anna Gortoewicz-Petkow
          CEEDVA Vice-President

          Dr. George Sorin Tiplica
          CEEDVA Secretary General

          02 October 2002