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Report on CEEDVA Meeting in Barcelona - 2003

Report on CEEDVA Ordinary General Meeting in Barcelona
16th October 2003

Participants:42 dermatologists from CEE countries
Prof. Martin M. Black (EADV Officer) joined the OGM

Countries represented: 15
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Macedonia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovak Republic
  • Slovenia (accepted as CEEDVA member during this session)
  • Ukraine
  • White Russia
  • Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)
Chairpersons of the Meeting
     Prof. Dr. Dan Forsea
     Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov
     Dr. George Sorin Tiplica
- CEEDVA President
- CEEDVA Vice-President
- CEEDVA Secretary

Main points of CEEDVA
  1. Report on CEEDVA activity 2001-2003
         Prof. Dr. Dan Forsea (Romania)
  2. Report on CEEDVA participation at the EADV Congress in Prague
         Prof. Dr. Jana Hercogová (Czech Republic)
  3. Report on CEEDVA Bulletin nr. 5
         Prof. Dr. Nikolai Tsankov (Bulgaria)
  4. Report on CEEDVA presence in the EADV Board
         Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov (Poland)
  5. Presentation of CEEDVA By-laws
         Dr. George Sorin Tiplica (Romania)
  6. Elections of the new Executive Committee of CEEDVA
  1. Word of the President of CEEDVA
    Prof. Dan Forsea (Romania) welcomed the participants at the OGM. A brief review of the CEEDVA activity was made. First was appreciated the extraordinary attendance of CEE dermatologists at the 11th Congress EADV in Prague, at the 1st EADV Spring Symposium in Malta and also at the 12th EADV Congress in Barcelona. This was possible with the important support of EADV Board and with the sustain of the EADV Congress Presidents. The participation of dermatologists from CEE countries as speakers and chairpersons together with the continue assistance of young dermatologists represent a success of the lobbying efforts made by CEEDVA. Communication was not always optimal between the countries of CEEDVA. A complete database with the members of CEEDVA is still needed. At the end of the 2 years mandate of Presidency it was reminded that CEEDVA members should try to preserve the facilities obtained during these last years.

  2. Report on CEEDVA participation at the EADV Congress in Prague
    Prof. Jana Hercogová (Czech Republic) - was The President of the 11th EADV Congress held in Prague (October 2002) and she revealed some aspects regarding the eastern participants. From the 6063 participants at the Congress, 1260 were from the CEE countries. All CEE participants paid a reduced fee (20 Euro). EADV together with the Czech Society of Dermatology offered 100 free beds for CEE participants. The CEEDVA OGM in Prague was organised on October 3rd, 2002. The CEE representatives were invited to chair and co-chair sessions of the EADV Congress (29% of all positions). There were also accepted speakers from CEE countries - 15% of all.

  3. Report on CEEDVA Bulletin nr. 5
    Prof. Nikolai Tsankov (Bulgaria) presented the new CEEDVA Bulletin (number 5). It contains 11 original papers on "Drug eruptions". CEEDVA Bulletin needs a more supportive interest from all members. Valuable papers are also necessary to impose a greater standard of this journal. All costs were supported by sponsorship, Janssen-Cilag being as usual the partner of CEEDVA Bulletin. A finnancial EADV grant was also dedicated to the Bulletin. The Editorial-Board works on a voluntary basis. For the next Bulletin there will be no specific theme.

  4. Report on CEEDVA presence in the EADV Board
    Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov (Poland) mentioned the good activity of CEEDVA since its foundation in 1996 in Warsaw. In the last 4 years EADV Board three positions as Observers were occupied by CEEDVA members. They could present the real, objective situation of CEE dermatologists. Significant decisions (reduced fees, scholarships etc.) were influenced by their presence. Unfortunately in the new-elected EADV Board no representative from CEEDVA countries is present. CEEVDA is now in the same point in the EADV Board as six years ago and that's why its activity should be reinforced. If CEEDVA existence was a subject of discussion over the last years it becomes clear that now it's presence is needed.

  5. Report on CEEDVA activities 2001-2003
    Dr. George Sorin Tiplica (Romania) presented the activities of CEEDVA in the last two years. Putting in balance CEEDVA existence and CEEDVA dissolution it was obvious that CEEDVA should continue its activity. A correct and complete member database is still needed in order to have a close contact between CEEDVA members. All 18 paragraphs from the CEEDVA Statutes were presented. CEEDVA is defined as a professional, scientific, non-guvernamental, non-politic and autonomous, non-profit association, constituted by the right of free association, open to all dermatologists and venereologists. CEEDVA has the purpose of promoting continuing medical education in the fields of dermatology and venereology.

    • At article 9, regarding The Executive Committee, Prof. Nikolai Tsankov proposed to enlarge the number of officers. The amendment was accepted by the OGM and the new structure of The Executive Committee is as follows: President, Vice-President - 2 positions, Treasurer, Secretary - 2 positions.

    • The CEEDVA Statutes were approved by open vote in unanimity of voices.
      CEEDVA will be registered as juridical person on the basis of the approved Statutes after consultations with lawyer.

    • Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov (Poland) - highlighted the importance of having a CEEDVA scientific meeting separately or during EADV Congress.

    • Asst. Prof. Mihael Skerlev (Croatia) - considers that the great number of Eastern dermatologists should not be minimised by the Western colleagues. He stressed that it is important to participate at the EADV life and he proposed that each country had to augment its EADV members with at least 10%.

    • Prof. Vladimir Hegyi (Slovakia) - proposed to change the nomination of CEEDVA to CEDVA. The proposal was not accepted by the OGM.

    • Ass. Prof. Igor Bartenjev (Slovenia) - presented the request from Slovenia's dermatologists to join CEEDVA. The OGM accepted the request. He also mentioned that CEEDVA web-site is not aggressive.

    • Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov (Poland) - proposed to include CEEDVA as an EADV Sister Society. The proposal was accepted by the OGM.

    • Prof. Martin M. Black (UK, EADV Officer) - was pleased to assist at such interesting session. He personally sustained the activity of eastern-Europe dermatologists. CEEDVA can submit forms to become a Sister Society of EADV. The Journal of EADV can include a supplement issue from CEEDVA. Regarding the EADV Board he mention the logistic difficulties derived from a larger board. Prof. Martin M. Black accentuate the importance of a jointly sustained work from dermatologists across Europe.

  6. Elections for the new Executive Committee of CEEDVA
    There were made the following nominations:

    President of CEEDVA

    Vice-President of CEEDVA

    Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov (Poland)
    Prof. Attila Horvath (Hungary)

    Prof. Jana Hercogová (Czech Republic)
    Prof. Djordjie Karadaglic (Yugoslavia)

    Asst. Prof. Mihael Skerlev (Croatia)
    Dr. George Sorin Tiplica (Romania)

    For the President election the vote was secret. A commission to validate the vote was composed by Dr. Anna Zalewska (Poland) and Prof. Alexandru Tataru (Romania). 42 participants present at the OGM. Prof. Attila Horvath abstains from the vote. The results were as follows:
    • 13 votes for Prof. Attila Horvath;
    • 28 votes for Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov.
    The OGM approved the result. Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov is the new President of CEEDVA.
    For the other Officer positions the vote was open, as there was no competition. The OGM validate the new CEEDVA Officers.

           Dr. Anna Górkievicz-Petkov
    CEEDVA President

    Dr. George Sorin Tiplica
    CEEDVA Secretary