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The 15th CEEDVA Meeting

CEEDVA meeting during the EADV Congress in Vienna is scheduled for 16-th of May from 16-18 hrs at the Austria Center Vienna.

CEEDVA session in Vienna (session code SSS2) will be held on Wednesday 16th of May 2009 from 16 to 18 hrs in the Congress Center location, Hall L.

Clinical Dermatology-Case Presentations
Chairs: A. Rubins (Riga, Latvia), P. Arenberger (Prague, Czech Republic), A. Górkiewicz-Petkow (Warsaw, Poland), N.Tsankov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

CEEDVA Sister Society Meeting on September 17, 2008 (2 hrs)

CEEDVA meeting on Wednesday September 17th, 2008 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM in the Room 252A.

Chair: Prof. Petr Arenberger, MD, PhD, DSc, MBA

  • Programme:
  1. Case reports:
    1. Purpuric form of Pityriasis rosea (15 min)
      I. Bogdanov, G. Pehlivanov, S. Vassileva (Bulgaria)
    2. Drug hypersensitivity syndrome (15 min)
      N. Tsankov (Bulgaria)

  2. Diagnostics:
    1. How to make a diagnosis in pigmented lesions (20 min)
      S. Gkalpakiotis (Czech Republic)

  3. Therapy:
    1. Six years of our experience with biologics in psoriasis (15 min)
      P. Arenberger (Czech Republic)
    2. Aesthetic therapy for facial dermatoses by cryosurgery (15 min)
      A. Purcaru (Romania)
    3. Perspectives in malignant melanoma (15 min)
      M. Arenbergerova (Czech Republic)

The 14th CEEDVA Meeting

The 14th CEEDVA Meeting - Istanbul - 22nd of May 2008

CEEDVA session in Istanbul (session code SSS05) was held on Thursday 22nd of May from 13:30 to 15:30 in the Symposium Center location: Dolmabahçe B Hall, Istanbul Lüfti Kirdar.
  • Clinical Dermatology-Case Presentations
  • Chairs: A. Rubins (Riga, Latvia), P. Arenberger (Prague, Czech Republic), A.Górkiewicz-Petkow (Warsaw, Poland), N.Tsankov (Sofia, Bulgaria)

  • Programme:

    • Scientific session:

      Free Comunications

      1. Posttraumatic discoid lupus erythematosus (13:30)
        A. Gorkiewic-Petkow, Mackiewicz Huczek, O. Wisniewska (Warsaw, Poland)
      2. Nonpigmented Spitz nevus vs malignant melanoma (13:42)
        A. Kempele, Rupprecht Karls (Riga, Latvia)
      3. Case of Lasseur-Graham -Little-Syndrome (13:54)
        U. Adaskevich, V. Kazlouskaya (Vitebsk, Belarus)
      4. Neurofibromatosis type I-a case report (14:08)
        K. Kolyadenko, V. Kolyadenko (Kiev, Ukraine)
      5. Protopic ointment in atopic dermatitis children under 2-years age (14:20)
        A. Rubins, K. Cirule, S. Rubins, L. Chigorevska (Riga, Latvia)
      6. Dermatoses of pregnancy- an usual cases (14:32)
        K. Semkova, J. Kazanjieva, S. Marina, M. G. Matveev, L. Stransky, N. Tsankov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
      7. Angiosarcoma of the nose (14:44)
        P. Arenberger, M. Arenbergerova (Prague, Czech Repulblic)
      8. Cutaneous tumors of the cephalic region- a serie of three clinical cases (14:56)
        G.S. Tiplica, C. Salavastru (Bucharest, Romania, S. Moraru (Targu Mures), M. M. Constantin, C. Vinte, E.L. Severin (Bucharest, Romania).
      9. Epidemiological surveillance of syphilis patients in Colentina Hospital (Bucharest, Romania) (15:08)
        G.S. Tiplica, E. Severin, A. Parvu, A. Rusinoiu, C. Vinte, M. Panduru, M. Constantin, C. Salavastru (Bucharest, Romania).

      Discussion (15:20)

The 13th CEEDVA Meeting
CEEDVA meeting during the EADV Congress in Vienna is scheduled for 16-th of May from 16 -18 hrs at the Austria Center Vienna.

The 12th CEEDVA Meeting - 04 October 2006
The 12th CEEDVA Meeting CEEDVA General Assembly Meeting in Rhodes.
The meeting will take place on 4-th of October during the EADV Congress.
Place of the meeting Room DELPHI (Rodos Palace Hotel) from 15.30 -17 hrs PM

  • Programme

    1. Report of the President of CEEDVA
      A History of CEEDVA (-> see power-point presentation)
      A.Gorkiewicz-Petkow -Poland
    2. Report of the Secretary
      S.Tiplica - Romania
    3. Discussion about future activities, state...
    4. Varia
    5. Elections of the new President,Vice-President,Secretary,Tresurer and three members of the Board.
Please note : if there will be no quorum in the proposed time the second general assembly of CEEDVA will follow after 15 min.

The 11th CEEDVA Meeting London 12th October 2005
The CEEDVA session in London (session code SSS08) was held on Wednesday 12th October from 16:30 to 18:30 in the Congress Center location: Platinum room 4

  • Chairs: P. Arenberger (Czech Rep) W. Placek {Poland), I. Bartenjev ( Slovenia), M. Marschalko (Hungary)

  • Programme
  1. Introduction

    Anna Gorkiewicz-Petkow (Poland), G-S. Tiplica (Romania)

  2. Scientific session

    1. Genital Lichen Sclerosus et atrophicus-therapeutic scheme
      V. Mikulic (Serbia and Montenegro)
    2. Multisystem Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in an adult
      S.Senegacnik (Slovenia)
    3. Melanomas in renal transplant recipient
      B. Imko-Walczak (Poland)
    4. Complex histopathological, immunophenotypic and T-cell receptor gamma gene rearrangement analysis of 37 patients with small plaque parapsoriasis
      N. Eros (Hungary)
    5. The incidence of histological dysplasia among patients with clinically atypical melanocytic nevi
      J.Stankute ( Lithuania)
    6. The importance of Aeroallergenes in Atopic eczema flares.
      M. Necas (Czech Rep)
    7. The dependence of the skin and mucous candidiasis on hexose content related with nails proteins
      S.Turkevych (Ukraine)
    8. Palmoplantar Psoriasis treated with two –compoud ointment containing calcipotriol and betamethasone dipropionate
      Carmen Salavastru, George-Sorin Tiplica, Magda Dinu, Sanda Popescu (Romania )
    9. Carcinoma en cuirasse - an unusual presentation of lung cancer skin metastases
      I. Petrov (Bulgaria)
    10. Widespread rubromycosis and thyroid gland function
      I Evseenko (Belarus)

  3. CEEDVA fellowship - sponsor HERMAL

    • dr Julia Stracenska Czek Rep
    • dr Michaela Bila Slovak Rep
    • dr Anna Zalewska-Janowska Poland
  • Tea, coffee break

  • The Session of CEEDVA is sponsored by HERMAL.

10th CEEDVA Meeting Sofia, Bulgaria, 19 May 2005
The 10th CEEDVA Meeting took place on 19-th of May in Sofia Congress Centre from 15-17h PM in Hall 6 Congress Centre

  • Chairs: A. Gorkiewicz-Petkow (Poland), A. Rubins (Latvia), Marry Gancheva (Bulgaria)

  • Participants: 80 dermatologists from CEE countries
  • Programme
  1. Welcome introduction and CEEDVA activities

    Anna Gorkiewicz-Petkow (Poland), G-S. Tiplica (Romania)

  2. Dr. Anna Gorkiewicz-Petkow, President of CEEDVA, informed the participants about the EADV Board Meeting in Sofia. There will be an enlargement of the EADV Board and CEEDVA countries will have representatives in this structure. A new educational programme sponsored by EADV Fostering in Dermatology will be extremely important also for CEEDVA countries. This initiative will facilitate possibilities of co-operation between dermatologists of all European Countries Therefore it is very important to became a member of EADV in order to receive in advance all necessary information's.

    • Integration through education and science
      CEEDVA propositions:
    • Courses before national dermatological Congresses in approved centers (ex. BAD London, Journees Dermatologiques de Paris, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna) for english, french, german speaking dermatologists
    • Monothematic symposia in different countries including CEEDVA co-sponsored by EADV and local organizations in different languages/ english, french or german.
      • The interested countries should present the topic of the symposium, the speakers could be local or invited from other countries.
      • Dermatologists from Central Eastern Europe should be strongly represented among the participants of the courses (3-6 from different country according to the general number of dermatologists).
      • Courses should be organized for residents and for more advanced dermatologists as continuing training in dermatology.
      • Scientific co-operation between dermatological centers through international projects co-sponsored by EADV.
      • One or two months training in the chosen centers / clinical experimental dermatology
    Dr. George Tiplica presented the rapport of CEEDVA activities from the last OGM in Florence. CEEDVA members were strongly invited to visit the web site www.ceedva.ro in order to be up-date with the planned activities of common interest. A special programme for residents in dermatology, encouraging their participation at national events is promoted by CEEDVA on a reciprocal basis.

    • The CEEDVA session in London is planned for Wednesday 12th October from 16:30 h PM in the Congress Center
    • The next CEEDVA General elections will take place in Rhodes, 2006.

  3. Free Comunications

    1. Contact sensitivity to allergens from compositae plants
      M. Jovanovic, M. Poljaki, L. Vujanovic, A. Petrovi, V. Duran, D. Karadaglic (Serbia and Montenegro)
    2. . Problems of diagnosis in a case of a young women with an ulcerated cutaneous T cell lymphoma
      Tataru A., Rogojanu L., Petrescu M. (Romania)
    3. . Lack of CD26 expression on skin homing CLA+CD4+ peripheral blood T cells as a marker for diagnosis and treatment monitoring of patients with Sezary syndrome
      Malgorzata Sokolowska-Wojdylo, Joerg Wenzel, Evelyn Gaffal, Julia Steitz, Jadwiga Roszkiewicz, Thomas Bieber and Thomas Tüting (Poland, Germany)
    4. Secret of the antineoplastic skin protection in psoriasis
      Kateryna Kolyadenko (Ukraine)
    5. Lichen striatus after MMR vaccination - a case report
      L.Mervic,V. Dragos (Slovenia)
    6. Inflammatory bio-markers and cardiovascular risk prediction of patients with chronic inflammatory skin diseases
      M. Eisen (Estonia)

    The following announced papers were not presented:
    • Lamotrigine-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis
      K. Damevska, T. Pavlovski, S. Nikolovska, G. Gocev, A. Ancevski (Macedonia)
    • Perioral dermatitis etiology, differential diagnosis and treatment
      Bilá M., Jautová J.(Slovak Rep.)

  4. Hermal Grants for young dermatologists

    1. CEEDVA President - Anna Gorkiewicz-Petkow (Poland) introduced the Hermal Grants offered for young dermatologists. Three scholarships were offered. The winners of fellowship were dermatologists from Czech Rep, Slovak Rep, Poland (Dr. Julia Stracenska, Dr. Michaela Bila, Dr. Anna Zalewska-Janowska). Dr. Anna Zalewska-Janowska from Lodz, Poland received personally the fellowship from Dr. Carmen Matthies from Hermal.
  • The Session of CEEDVA is sponsored by HERMAL.

9th CEEDVA Meeting Florence, Italy, 17 November 2004

The 9thCEEDVA has take place in Florence on 17-th of November at 15-16.30 hrs PM in Room Brunelleschi Fortezza da Basso.
Left to right: D. Karadaglic, G-S. Tiplica, A. Gorkiewicz-Petkow, D. Forsea, N. Tsankov, U.P. Adaskevich, A. Rubins, J. Hercogova
Chairs: D. Forsea, A. Gorkiewicz-Petkow, J. Hercogova, N. Tsankov

  1. Welcome
    A. Gorkiewicz-Petkow

  2. Case presentations “Pearls in clinical Dermatology”
    1. Unusual skin lesions in two patients with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia
      G. Lapinskaite, I. Marciukaitiene ( Lithuania)
    2. A case of universal alopecia areata in two brothers
      U.P. Adaskevich, O.D. Myadelets, I.U. Tsichanouskaya, Y.A. Fomchanka Belarus)
    3. Atypical pyoderma gangrenosum after breast surgery for carcinoma
      L. Pavlova, G. Gocev, K. Damevska, S. Nikolovska ( Macedonia)
    4. Childhood-onset of linear scleroderma in a mother and son
      M. Jovanovic, D. Karadaglic (Serbia and Montenegro)
    5. Unusual case of vegetating and cicatricial pemphigoid imitating pyoderma gangraenosum in a patient with colitis ulcerosa
      K. Wozniak, A Gorkiewicz- Petkow M. Olszewska, C. Kowalewski (Poland)
    6. Metastatic basal cell carcinoma
      Vojackova, I. Hejcmanova, R. Schmiedbergerova, J. Hercegova (Czek Republic)
    7. Psychogenic panniculitis in a 15-year old girl with mental retardation
      H. Silm, K. Kerner, K. Abram, M. Karelson (Estonia)
    8. Severe erythrodermic atopic dermatitis treated with Montelukast
      E. Bardarov (Bulgaria)

  3. OGM CEEDVA meeting
    1. Report on CEEDVA activities since 2003
      G-S. Tiplica
    2. Educational cooperation with EADV
      A. Gorkiewicz-Petkow
    3. CEEDVA Bulletin
      N. Tsankov
    4. CEEDVA Meeting in Sofia.
      N. Tsankov

  • The Session of CEEDVA is sponsored by HERMAL.

8th CEEDVA Meeting Barcelona, Spain, 16 October 2003

Dr. George-Sorin Tiplica - CEEDVA Officer
Dr. Anna Górkiewicz-Petkov - CEEDVA President
Dr. Carmen Salavastru

Prof. Dr. Dan Forsea - CEEDVA past President
Dr. Anna Górkiewicz-Petkov - CEEDVA President
Dr. George-Sorin Tiplica - CEEDVA Officer

Dr. G-S. Tiplica and Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Hegyi
(Bratislava, Slovakia)

Dr. George-Sorin Tiplica - CEEDVA Officer
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mihael Skerlev - CEEDVA Officer

7th CEEDVA Meeting Prague, Czech Republic, 11 October 2002
11th Congress of the EADV in Prague from the "Eastern point of view"
Dear colleagues,
One year after the 11th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, let´s look behind!
Years of preparation and one week of the Congress have passed like one second of my life. I do not regret to stop all other activities for more than two years to arrange the Congress with passion and understanding for your, it means our needings. Despite the forecast of having a small congress for at about two thousands participants (the reason why the EADV decided to move to East, the Prague EADV Congress was the biggest in the history of its congresses and, furthermore, as its President Martin Black wrote to me: "the best of all…".
And why did it happen? Thanks to all of you, dear Eastern colleagues. I would like to remember you some data of the Congress and its preparation, as well as the real participation of the people from "our" world.
  1. October 1999, Amsterdam, Prague won the competition to Riga and Malta. We made an agreement with prof. Rubins that the one who would loose the competition would be a chair of one session (and I did it, Andris!).
  2. October 2000, Geneva, I have asked all CEEDVA participants to send me the proposals of the speakers and chairs.
  3. February 2001, Prague, the Executive Scientific Committee decided all session titles, their chairs and co-chairs.
  4. October 2001, Munich, all participants of the CEEDVA meeting were asked for lectures and posters again.
  5. 5. January 2002, Prague, the first meeting in the history of EADV: the EC EADV members met 14 out of 18 Presidents of National Societies from the Eastern countries. The following proposals were made to the Presidents:
    1. by the EC EADV - reduced registration fee for the Congress 20 euro, affiliation membership of the National Societies to the EADV for a half of the membership fee, and a posibility of new EADV Board members from Eastern countries (paid by the Congress budget, in a practical way, low registration fees were paid by both, the EADV - 70 %, and by the Czech Society of Dermatology - 30 %);
    2. by the Congress secretariat: 100 free beds for participants from Eastern countries (paid by the Congress budget, that is again the same situation like with the registration fees);
  6. October 2-6, 2002, Prague, EADV Congress:
    1. Hospitality Suite for participants from Eastern countries were available during the whole Congress,
    2. CEEDVA meeting was organized on October 3rd, 2002, during the lunch time, so, no other scietific sessions were on programme. Prof. Forsea, President of CEEDVA, expressed his frustration on the possibilities of colleagues from the Eastern countries to travel to the next EADV congresses (as there is no lower registration fee announced in the first announcement of the 12th Congress in Barcelona) and the number of representatives in the EADV Board has not been increased. New strategy should be decided to make our countries more visible in dermatology. Prof. Tsankov presented the new issue of the CEEDVA Bulletin on psoriasis and opened a discussion on the topic of the next year´s Bulletin. The CEEDVA officers thanked to prof. Tsankov for his work.
    3. Participants numbers: 6.063 composed of 4.232 certified dermatologists, 167 studetns, 171 residents, 84 press people, 1.100 exhibitors, and 302 accompany persons. 1.260 participants arrived to Prague from the previous Eastern countries, i.e. we represented 30 % of all participants!
    4. Speakers numbers: There were 584 lectures during the Congress, and together 220 chair persons of the sessions. And what about the representatives of the Eastern countries? First of all it is necessary to know that the Local Organizing Committee could influence only speakers of case presentations and free communications. Speakers of the main sessions (plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, courses, lunches, controversies, what´s new session) were selected by the chair persons (who were settled by the Executive Scietific Committee of the EADV), and speakers for the sister societies and satelite symposia were elected by the Societies, resp. Pharmaceutical companies. So, speakers from Eastern Europe created 15 % of all speakers, chair persons were 29 % of all. (70 % speakers came from Western Europe, 15 % from Eastern Europe, 7 % from the North America, the rest of them came from Asia, South America, Australia and Afrika.
      Table 1
      Eastern countrieschairs and co-chairsspeakers
      Czech Republic3138
      Slovak Republic54
    5. Other possibilities for the future of Eastern countries?
      According to my best knowledge, we must work much more together. To be honest, me personally was not in favor of the CEEDVA, I thought that all the countries should work hard and be visible themselves. But, unfortunatelly, if you are doing better, you are going to be a competitor to your colleagues and their interest to help you is going down. So, the only chance to all of us now, is work, cooperate, perform together. To find the way which is efficiant, not time consuming and suitable for all of us. We should profit from our vision which is the same to all of us - to enter the Europe which we have never left!
      But to be considered like true partners, we must fulfill the following criteria:
      • to be true competitors
      • to have the equal possibilities to study, to work
      • to get chance to study and work abroad
      • to publish the papers in impact factor journals
      • to serve as invited speakers at international conferences
      • to be invited to conduct multicentric clinical trials
      • to be invited to publish books abroad etc.
Is it a dream to us? Why? Do we have some chance to enter the real dermatological world?
To me, the answer is YES, but we cannot be always devoted to everybody without our own proposals, ideas, aims, scopes. We must get visibility through entering all possible international structures, i.e.:
  • we should profit from chance of having the first Congress in the previous "Soviet block" country, but it must not be the last one,
  • to get Board members at all European and international dermatological societies, to lobby at the international societies together,
  • to try to attract as many international meeting as possible to our countries,
  • to coordinate our National meetings, not to overlap the data,
  • to show our experince and knowledge to the colleagues from the western countries by inviting them to our National congresses,
  • to organize one annual (at minimum) meeting,
  • to have efficiant cooperation and exchange of information through web page, portal,
  • to have one journal devoted to the Eastern Europe, to choose one topic specific for our part of world to be attractive to the rest of the world,
  • to publish bulletin twice - three times a year to exchange information for those colleague who are not able to get information via internet,
  • to offer scholarships, grants, dermatological training to our young colleagues (for attendance at congresses, study stays etc.),
  • co perform gant projects from Eastern and western countries together
  • to arrange awards for the best lectures, posters, publications.
The most important is to be proud of ourselves, to serve as partners. Our culture and our dermatology is rich and colorfull to be shown to the rest of world.
Let´s enter Europe together!
To me, the most concrete steps should be the following:
  1. EADV Board Members - all Eastern countries having at minimum 10 members should apply immediatelly the the EC EADV to get one Board Member, those National Societies which have got more than 100 EADV members shouls apply immediatelly for two Board members (as to the status of the EADV, the letter to Secretary-General, Dr. Powell is enough (fpow@indigo.ie).
  2. EADV Spring Symposia - those countries where some congress facilities for at about 2.000 participants is available should apply immediatelly to the EC EADV for the bid to organize the EADV Spring Symposium.
  3. Affiliation membership to the EADV - to consider if this way of membership is intersting for the country (i.e. to pay half of 115,- euro for each member).
  4. To find one journal to exchange the scientific ideas, it could be the CEEDVA Bulletin of Prof. Tsankov, if it would be published more frequently, or any other journal published in English (Acta Dermatologica Alpina, Adriatica, et Pannonica of Prof. Kansky) - and to bring such a journal to the impact factor.
  5. To use any offer of publishing in IF journals (please, feel free to send me any papers for the Journal of International Dermatology, IF = 0.89, at which I am the section Editor for Europe).
  6. To try to attend international congresses with the help of the colleagues from different Societies (please, look at www.intderm.org).
  7. To use the offer of different international societies.
  8. To built a database of people interested to work together.
  9. To work together, not to work one against another one.
Thanks for all better ideas in advance!

Jana Hercogová, MD
Chairwoman and Vice-Dean, 2nd Medical School, Charles University Prague
Congress President EADV 2002

Scholarship breakfast
* during the 11th EADV Congress in Prague,
October 4, 2002

Prof. Atilla Horváth and Dr. Derek Freedman
* during the opening ceremony,
October 2nd, 2002

Opening Ceremony
* Maria Duram Medal is presented to prof. S. Jablonska by Dr. Hercogova
and dr. Jacobson, president of the Int. Society of Dermatology

Dinner at the restaurant "Ostroff",
January 5th, 2002
during the meeting of 14 presidents of the national societies from Eastern countries
(now the restaurant does not exist, it was flodded)

Prague panorama view from the Congress Centre

Karolinum / EADV Board Members and Awardees

Prof. Anne Cobza-Black, Prof. Martin Black, Prof. Jana Hercogova

Karolinum - Aula Magna

EADV Congress Persidents

6th CEEDVA Meeting Munich, Germany, 11 October 2001

5th CEEDVA Meeting Geneva, Switzerland, October 2000

4th CEEDVA Meeting Amsterdam, Netherland, October 1999

3rd CEEDVA Meeting Nice, France, 11 October 1998

2nd CEEDVA Meeting Pleven, Bulgaria 1997

1st CEEDVA Meeting Warsaw, Poland 15-16 june 1996

The first meeting of CEEDVA, Jablonna Palace, Warsaw, June 15-16, 1996;
1st row (left to right): Prof. J. Buchvald (Slovakia), Prof. B. Lecewicz-Torun (Poland),
Dr. A. Gorkiewicz-Retkow (Poland), Prof. J. Roszkiewicz (Poland),
2nd row (left to right): Prof. D. Forsea (Romania), Prof. N. Tsankov (Bulgaria), Prof. K. Pramatarov (Bulgaria), Prof. A. Langer (Poland),
Dr. S. Karpati (Hungary), Prof. I. Schneider (Hungary), Prof. B. Glukhinky (Ukraine), Dr. A. Kourtchenko (Ukraine);
3rd row (left to right): Prof. W. Glinski (Poland), Prof. A. Rubins (Latvia), Prof. I. Zahejsky (Czech Republic).
(Dr. George Sorin Tiplica was taking picture)